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          If you are looking for tutorials on publishing NuGet packages for C/C++ using CoApp's tools, take a look at the Tutorials page

          Getting Started with the CoApp PowerShell Tools

          Installing CoApp Developer Tools - Step-by-step instructions on installing and running the CoApp developer tools
          Consuming CoApp packages - How to find and use the packages.

          Detailed CoApp Powershell Tools help

          Write-NuGetPackage - Writes out a NuGet native package
          Update-CoAppTools - Download and installs an update to the CoApp tools
          Publish-NuGetPackage - Uploads a NuGet package to the package repository

          New! Show-CoAppToolsVersion - Displays the current version number of the CoApp PowerShell Tools
          Soon Set-CodeSignature - Digitally signs a file (replaces signtool)

          CoApp File Formats

          New! Autopackage script format - Autopackage script files format and documentation
          New! Property Sheet Format - usage information that is common to all/most CoApp command line tools
          Soon Buildinfo script format - Build automation script files format and documentation

          CoApp Powershell CodeSigning Tools (not-yet-ready-for-primetime)

          Soon Set-CodeSignature - Digitally sign a file (binary, script or package)
          Soon Set-PublicCertificate -
          Soon Set-SignatureViaService -

          CoApp RESTable Powershell cmdlets (not-yet-ready-for-primetime)

          Soon Get-UploadLocation - Get an upload token from an Azure Blob Storage
          Soon Add-RestCmdlet - Add A RESTable cmdlet to to the service
          Soon Remove-RestCmdlet - Remove A RESTable cmdlet to to the service
          Soon -
          Soon Start-RestService - Start the RESTable cmdlet service
          Soon Stop-RestService - Stops the RESTable cmdlet service

          More CoApp Powershell Tools (not-yet-ready-for-primetime)

          Soon Copy-ItemEx - Build automation tool
          Soon Get-AzureCredentials - Build automation tool
          Soon Invoke-Build - Build automation tool

          Website/Docpad References

          Garrett-Flavored-Markdown Reference